The Author’s Dogs

Bailey, the author’s current dog

Likes: his Kong, Milkbones stuffed in his Kong, morning kisses, trailing scents

Indifference: lettuce

Dislikes: baths, thunder, strangers who unexpectedly reach for his face

Roxy, the author’s family dog

Likes: pig ears, swimming, finding objects in piles of leaves

Indifference: fireworks

Dislikes: people commenting on her weight

Lucky, the author’s guardian angel dog

Likes: all living creatures (except squirrels), snow

Indifference: letting the author ride on his back when she was a child

Dislikes: sirens, squirrels


One Response to “The Author’s Dogs”

  1. June October 19, 2010 at 9:43 pm #

    The author is obviously talented as a writer, with a quick wit and intelligent insight. The dogs in her life are almost as beautiful and bright as she is.

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