My Top Ten: Things That Will Always Remind Me of My Dad

24 Jan

In honor of what would’ve been my Dad’s 60th birthday today, here are the top ten things that will always make me think of him:

1.       “Hi Lili, Hi Lo” from the movie Lili

2.       Cooking big meals, especially when it involves chopping onions…and making knishes.

3.       Watching old, classic movies, like Lost Horizon, She Done Him Wrong, and It Happened One Night. Other random movies that remind me of him: The Goonies, It’s a Wonderful Life, V for Vendetta, Once, Return of the King, Ben-Hur, Gunga Din, High Noon, and Night at the Museum.

4.       The New York Mets (and Butch Huskey)

5.       Huge, ripe cherries

6.       Pistachio ice cream

7.       Klezmer music, and the way he would dance in the living room to it

8.       Curb Your Enthusiasm, especially the theme song for which we had our own routine

9.       Whenever a famous person dies

10.   “Who loves ya, baby?”

While I won’t share it here (at least, not yet), I created a much more extensive list last summer that far surpasses ten items. How lucky I am to have had somebody to miss so much.


2 Responses to “My Top Ten: Things That Will Always Remind Me of My Dad”

  1. mom January 24, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    I can just HEAR and SEE Dad through your words and memories. Warms my heart. Can picture you two doing a “routine.” And I smell the onions. whew. Are your eyes tearing?
    His love, yours, and ours, will ALWAYS be alive.
    What a fun snow day it would be together – shoveling, playing, having hot chocolate and baking. The two of you <3. And all getting tired together!
    Dad loved and adored you. That is forever. As my love and your brother's will always be eternal.
    Happy memories on a special birthday. Remembered forever with love.

    • Lisa Frigand January 24, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

      This is wonderful. And I will always and forever have Rich’s laugh imprinted happily in my being. He is still so present and always will be for me and of course all of you. I am thinking of all of you with special love today.

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