The way a crow/Shook down on me/The dust of snow/From a hemlock tree/Has given my heart/A change of mood/And saved some part/Of a day I had rued.

8 Dec

I’ve always loved winter in Boston. Maybe because I don’t drive. Or because I haven’t had to walk to work yet in February. But the chill against my face is refreshing, if not sometimes burning. Bundling up to take the dog for a walk, and then derobing afterward, takes a good minute or two. There’s something magical in the air – and for me, it’s not Christmas. Shorter, colder days mean longer, cozier nights indoors. It means snuggling and watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, and trying out new recipes to keep warm. Even though tonight marks the final evening of Hanukkah, I have many more holiday festivities that I’m looking forward to this December. Here are some that make the top of my list:

1. The Nutcracker at the Boston Opera House

I’ve always loved the story of The Nutcracker, and as a little girl I would dance around my living room, tutu and all, to the Tchaikovsky soundtrack. So many years later, this ballet still reminds me of those days, and I can’t help but smile when I listen to the music. I can hear my Dad laughing at my interpretation of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and I can remember my Mom twirling me around the living room in her nightgown.

I’m also just excited to dress up for a night on the town. There is no official dress code, but really, what schlub is going to wear jeans to the ballet? There are so few excuses to dress up anymore, and it’s time to break out my Friday (?) best.

Next thing I love about this romantic evening: the Opera House is right next to the Boston Common. The whole scene will be so beautiful, sparkling lights cutting through the frigid Boston air. And after the show, we’ll be going out to eat at a nearby restaurant, Teatro, which recently added tapas to the menu. Here’s a preview: Roasted Sweet Peppers with Crushed Garlic & Vinegar; Lamb Meatballs, Pine Nuts, & Red Wine Sauce; Roasted Baby Beets, Goat Cheese, & Citrus Vinaigrette. One word: nom.

2. Ice Skating on Frog Pond

Ice skating in the middle of one of America’s most historic sites? Yes, please.

Oh, and see the State House there in the background? You know, with the gold top? Well, it’s a little-known secret, but the dome is really made of milk chocolate, covered in gold wrapping paper. Biggest piece of gelt EVER.

3. First Night Boston

This will be my first First Night Boston experience, and my mama is coming up this year to partake in the celebration. Sure, looking at ice sculptures and fireworks will be fun, but I’m mostly just looking forward to ringing in the new year (a year of good health and happiness) with one of the people I love most.

Winter in Boston… it could be worse.


One Response to “The way a crow/Shook down on me/The dust of snow/From a hemlock tree/Has given my heart/A change of mood/And saved some part/Of a day I had rued.”

  1. June December 9, 2010 at 3:35 pm #

    …and I am looking forward to First Night with the best daughter ever! I love the poems you’ve chosen; they are inspirational and reflect your heart and outlook. You were never afraid to blossom, and indeed, you have.

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