27 Oct

An addendum to this blog’s first post. Yet another ridiculous aspect of Saved by the Bell has come to my attention.

Does Zachary Morris have superpowers? The teen can FREEZE TIME at his convenience. This is like the original Twix commercial. Need a moment? Have Slater punch Mr. Belding’s face instead of yours. Need a moment? Shove a piece of paper between Kelly’s lips and a boy she’s about to kiss. It’s strange to me that certain situations warrant Zack’s “time out” powers while others don’t. Por ejemplo, why didn’t he stop time during Testaverde’s exam, or before he was about to crash his car while driving drunk, or during Senior Cut Day when he’s trying to be in two places at once? C’mon, Morris. Use your 1502 SAT brain next time.

This show is obviously not meant to be the most realistic high school portrayal. Here are just a handful of examples: Hot Sundae’s music video, Johnny Dakota and Brandon Tartakoff, Rod Belding, Casey Kasem, Max’s magic tricks (they’re my illusions, Michael), the Rockumentary, and the murder mystery house. But at least Mark-Paul Gosselear can poke fun at himself and his absurd character, as seen in this wonderful video:

Until next time, time in.


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